The Angel That Never Came!

I wish God was real.
That He would come down and hold me tight
Tell me it’s going to be alright
And embrace me in a warm hug I long for.

At this moment of despair, when nothing seems to uplift me,
When loneliness has taken its toll on me
When hope seems to be a long-lost dream
I yearn for an invisible hand,

An angelic hand that can save me from drowning
As I asphyxiate in this ocean of misery,
Trying hard to keep myself alive
And ward off the monsters engulfing my head.

But I wonder if angels truly exist!
I would have met one for sure, if they did
Coz I’ve encountered only demons in my life,
All around me, and deep within my soul.

I’ve learned not to trust people.
For eventually they’ll let you down and leave you to the monsters
Although for them, you’ve invested all your heart and soul.

In spite of all this, deep inside me I realise
The silent dream that I cherish
Of my angel who would come down with outstretched arms,
And take me along to some far away land,
With no glimpse of sorrow or suffering
My angel who would hold my hand, so that I never fall.

Live in the Moment

IBMC #10: The Happiness Challenge

Well, it’s quite a tough task to define happiness, or even explain happiness in a few words. To put it in the simplest words, ‘Happiness is living in the moment’. Most people waste a major portion of their lives brooding over their past and worrying about their future. Whatever has happened in your life is past and can never be changed how much ever you think over it. The only thing you get in doing so is that you begin to lose your mind. What good will it do if you are anxious of your future. Being worried does not give you any added advantage.

Take joy in the present happenings around you. Learn to find happiness even in the slightest of things such as the sight of a flower. The very fact that you are alive now should be a reason for joy. Be happy for the simple reason that you could see today’s sunrise. The cause of happiness may be different at different points of time, but it’s always the present that makes one happy. Ever wondered why a child seems to be happy most of the time? Or why most adults long to go back to their childhood days? Isn’t it for the obvious reason that children are not bothered about what happens the next moment?

Having said all this, let me tell you what my happiness at the moment is. It’s nothing other than completing the Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge. 🙂


Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge #10


Diverse Thoughts

My diverse thoughts are driving me crazy. It was only yesterday that I was feeling so hopeless and depressed. But here I am writing about my thoughts with the hope of being noticed and accepted. My mind keeps wandering from being the predator to the prey. There are times when I feel immense sadness but without any incident to be attributed to. Quickly it gives way to a feeling that I don’t need to be depressed. It’s all part of the game. Now I feel stronger and bold. I shrug off all the despair and start afresh. You could say it was a new beginning had it been a one time affair or a if it was a gradual change. But not for my crazy mind, which needs only minutes, or even seconds, to go back to square one. Then I start over all again.

There was a time when my diverse thoughts were strangling me, trying to choke me to death. But those days have passed. My mind is still the wanderer it used to be, but I have come to terms with it. In fact I enjoy the diverse thoughts that my mind goes through. It has helped me be a better person. Now I just love my crazy mind because that’s what makes me write, makes me enjoy the little joys of life, find beauty in disorder and a lot more.


Ohh, I missed it


The transit of mercury occurs when the planet Mercury passes over the sun, that is, it passes in between the earth and sun. Thus the planet can been seen from earth as a tiny dot like silhouette moving across the face of the sun. These events are quite rare, occurring roughly 13-14 times in a century, mostly in May or November. The phenomenon was first observed in the year 1631.

It seems I was not fortunate enough this time. Although the facilities were available for viewing, I just couldn’t make it. Tired after a long journey the previous day, all I wanted was to hit the bed at the earliest. Now the next transit would be in 2019, but, unlike the recent one that was visible from most places on earth, would be visible only in South America and Africa. So that means I’ll have to wait till 2032, when there will be a transit visible from India. That’s a long way to go.


IBMC #07: The News and Paper Challenge



The sun will rise again

IBMC #04: Hunt a Haiku Challenge

the sun will set slow
people go home for shelter
sun will rise again.

Yes, the sun will rise again, that’s for sure. The setting sun is the nature’s way of conveying that it’s time for you to rest. You need it, so that you can face the rising sun the next morning with a new vigour and set about for your day’s work with a new-found energy. It’s the same with life. There will be ups and downs, joy and sadness, but nothing stays forever. How were you to enjoy the beauty of the sunrise if the sun were not to set. Or how could you be up and lively to watch the sun rising, if you did not rest for the night?  How will you know the joy of being happy when you have never experienced the pain and sadness? It’s quite true that success tastes the sweetest when you have realised the bitterness of failure and rejection.

Never get disheartened if you are in a difficult phase of life. The sun will rise again for sure. Be patient and wait for the dawn in your life. It will take its time. Meanwhile, make use of the sunset to renew yourself, prepare yourself to welcome the sun. Relish in the joy and warmth of the sun once it rises. 🙂


Randomness Unlimited

IBMC #03: Risk for a Random Challenge

Our days on this beautiful earth are numbered. The moment I was born I realized I should live. Yet they say say education is all exams and degrees though I do not quite agree to that view. The heat outside is unbearable, as if the nature is taking its revenge by trying to burn to death, all those responsible for burning her trees. I wish I could go back to my childhood days. I’m already getting late for my train and should hurry up. By the way, my new garden is flourishing, its full of blooms now. The kids in the nearby park are so happy and enjoying their holiday. I wish you take the time to read my crazy post. I’m still on my never ending journey in search of hope.


# This post was written as part of the Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge.

God’s Own Country

IBMC #02: Freeze a Foto Challenge


The very sight of a coconut tree takes me back to my hometown. A whole lot of memories come rushing to my head. I could just recount innumerable tales with the tree in the backdrop. Being from Kerala, India, the coconut is a part and parcel of my everyday life, though I miss the good old days now. It was in the backdrop of these images that I grew up from a toddler into the confident lady that I am now. There used to be vast areas of coconut plantation, and to share a walk through those was the best way to connect with a person. I still remember the long walks with my sister, in our teenage days, when we would share all the girlish gossips, comment on our recent crushes, complain about our parents being strict, and a lot more. Those were the best times in life 🙂


My Raison D’être

Writing gives me a sense of belonging. I’ve always wondered why I did not fit in anywhere. I feel completely out of place in large groups. I have had great difficulty socializing and I still ponder over how my friends talk so easily. Well, writing is my answer to all of  them. Call me a nerd, bookworm, introvert, or anything you wish, but I’m proud to say that writing is my passion.

Writing lifts my mood. It takes me to places I’ve never been. This is how I express my feelings. The world of letters is where I belong. I have always disliked being in the limelight. My blog is an expression of my inner self. All that matters here is what I write, not what I am. I am the boss here and no one can ask me to stop.

After all I am what my blog is. This is my voice and life. 🙂

Raison D’être

Shoulder of Support

Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge #01

Who wouldn’t love to have a shoulder to lie on, when in crisis? It could be your best buddy, lover, mom, spouse or anyone. They have a penchant for making you feel better. But what if you don’t? In my opinion the best shoulder of support is your own. Nothing will be as strong as that. By the way, it’s quite easy too, trying to lie on your own shoulder. Be strong, never search for external solace, learn to seek support from within you. Trust me, that’s the best feeling you can have, when you realize that you are strong enough. 🙂


Tick Tock Tick Tock

Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge #01

Tick Tock Tick Tock. She could hear her watch ticking as she waited for the cab. The cab driver must have got tired of seeing her, she thought. It’s been over ten years since she took up this mundane job in a department store. Today was her last day at the job. The decision to quit was her own, although a difficult one. But she had already started to feel the change. There was a faint smile on her lips, which had disappeared ever since she came here. This was a new beginning, an entire world was open before her, waiting to be explored. “I will”, she said to herself and smiled.