The Angel That Never Came!

I wish God was real.
That He would come down and hold me tight
Tell me it’s going to be alright
And embrace me in a warm hug I long for.

At this moment of despair, when nothing seems to uplift me,
When loneliness has taken its toll on me
When hope seems to be a long-lost dream
I yearn for an invisible hand,

An angelic hand that can save me from drowning
As I asphyxiate in this ocean of misery,
Trying hard to keep myself alive
And ward off the monsters engulfing my head.

But I wonder if angels truly exist!
I would have met one for sure, if they did
Coz I’ve encountered only demons in my life,
All around me, and deep within my soul.

I’ve learned not to trust people.
For eventually they’ll let you down and leave you to the monsters
Although for them, you’ve invested all your heart and soul.

In spite of all this, deep inside me I realise
The silent dream that I cherish
Of my angel who would come down with outstretched arms,
And take me along to some far away land,
With no glimpse of sorrow or suffering
My angel who would hold my hand, so that I never fall.

One thought on “The Angel That Never Came!

  1. Nobody knows our internal battles
    not everybody can understand them
    if Angels are real we cannot see it
    but there’s something we can know
    and that is if to our lives they came
    maybe we can’t hear them right now
    with all the demons lurking around
    tunning ourselves with JesusChrist
    we’d know he already made our claim.

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