Cheers to My Sadness – A Glimmer of Hope

Silently, I stare at the ceiling, hoping for a miracle
That would uplift me from my dreadful miseries.
A pall of gloom has fallen upon the world,
Or is it just upon me, I wonder.

As I lay on my bed, wishing the world wasn’t so cruel
I reminisce on the past, my beautiful past.
The sweet memories keep haunting me
And depriving me of my sleep.

Sleep has been my only solace, from my unrelenting agony
Heavens know how I longed, for the blissful slumber
That would erase all my pains momentarily
With its enchanted magic wand.

The sadness I feel is unprecedented, the cause rather unknown,
To be at peace with my sorrow, is what I yearn for.
With a glimmer of hope, I await the day I can say,
‘Cheers to my sadness’ !

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