The Vanishing Act

I woke up to a voice, a very familiar one,
Startled was I to hear it again,
Something to me that was long forgotten
Though I knew I longed for it ever.

I tried to remember, as hard as I could,
To place the voice in my memories, that
Was all too muddled and way too blurred
As time had passed, waiting for none.

Was that a friend or foe, I wondered
Or someone beloved who left me, to be
With the stars and angels high up above
And now yearning to be by my side.

I wished I could see, the source of the voice
I wished I could revive my aging memories.
I strained my ears to hear it encore
Twisting and turning my head to all angles.

I felt I caught a glimpse of a movement
That was all too quick and rapid for me.
I stared at the window in futile hope
‘Coz I knew it had already vanished.



One thought on “The Vanishing Act

  1. the vanishing act is very poignant. It is exactly like that as we age. I prided myself on how much I remembered of my childhood for years I saw through associations that my memory was very good. I am now what my mother would say still a spring chicken but yet little by little day after day, and ever so slightly my memories fade and some… well there is no place within me where some have gone. They dont exist anymore therefore I wonder is this a sign to look forward instead of backward .Should I abandon my experiences before they abandon me? What do you think about the fact that new memories or more recent memories do not hold the magic as did our childhood memories? Does this fade of our lifes experience prepare us for death or does it make us more determined to live a whole mindful of new brighter memories .


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