Unknown Land

The earth looked scorched from the blazing sun. Where was I, I wondered. The land appeared barren, with no sign of life. I felt the sun’s rays piercing through my skin, burning me. Is this what they call a desert, I didn’t know. I stared at the horizon, trying hard to discern the edge of the world. But all I could see was grayish hue of the vast expanse of land, with the inevitable cracks that broke the earth into pieces. It must have been ages since it rained here, I felt.  The perpetual eternity was haunting. I longed for a drop of water.

Gazing at the distance, I tried to remember. But my memories refused to rewind beyond a couple of minutes back. I struggled to stand on my feet, but to no avail. Finally I gave up all my attempts and resigned to my fate, hoping for some miracle to lift me from my destiny.