I’m Sorry, Mom

I was bad, right from the start,
I never listened to you, I know
I was irresponsible, or so you said
To let go of my life, that meant a lot.

I didn’t meet your expectations
You had high hopes on me, though
To make me soar heights you never saw
And let me fly above the skies.

But did I reach, I still don’t know
Though my thoughts are soaring high
My mind wandering above the skies
To  break free from this mortal world.

I tried to live, as you wished me to
But couldn’t make through, however hard I tried
I tried to let go, of all my dreams
Just to be sure, that I can see your smile.

I’m sorry mom, If I ever hurt you
I didn’t mean to, I hope you understand
I was immature, to always know
That your dreams, were to see me smile.



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