Lisa’s Magic Vision

‘Chris, come quickly. I’ve found something’, shouted Lisa to her little brother. As Chris came running, eager to see what his sister had, Lisa showed him the strange object she had got from their garden. Both of them stared at it for long. It was beautiful, they thought. It resembled their dad’s spectacles, only that this new object was more colourful and heavy. The frame had all the weird shades of purple, yellow and orange and the lens was a fluorescent shade of green.They looked around them and found no one nearby. Sensing the opportunity, they decided to smuggle their new discovery into their house.

Once within their rooms, Lisa and Chris set about their mission of exploring their new treasure. They tried to figure out what it could be. Was it their new neighbours’ toy? Perhaps they left it here, Chris thought, but he couldn’t think of any possible reason for leaving behind such a beautiful possession.

‘I’ll take this to school tomorrow’, announced Lisa as she pictured the girls of her class getting jealous of her with the toy.

‘See, it looks like dad’s glasses’, Chris realized all of a sudden and was about to try it on when Lisa snatched it.

‘I found it, so I’ll be the one to try it first’, saying so she slid the legs of the frame over her ears and managed to fix the over-sized glasses in front of her eyes.

‘Oh mom, when did you come inside the room’, she blurted out suddenly.

Chris couldn’t control his laughter on hearing this. ‘Are you out of your mind Lisa? Or are you dreaming? Mom is busy cooking in the kitchen. Now don’t raise your voice and bring her here. Once she sees this, it’s gone for ever’, he warned.

She couldn’t believe his words. ‘But I can see her, Chris. And where the hell are the walls of my room.’ She stretched her arms to reach for the place where the wall used to be. ‘Ouch’, she pulled back as her hand hit on the invisible wall.

Her hands were hurt badly. As she removed the glasses to tend for her hand, Lisa realised what had happened. Now that she was without the glasses, everything was back to normal. The walls were back in its original place and mom had disappeared. Those were some magic glasses, she felt.

‘Chris, I’ll tell you what this is, but promise me you’ll keep it a secret, whispered Lisa to her brother after a while. ‘This is a magic vision glass. You will be able to see past obstacles likes walls once you wear it. That’s why I could see mom in the kitchen across my wall.’

Chris was intrigued. “How do you know all this sis?, he asked.

‘I’ve read stories about such kinds of strange magical objects. The aliens bring them. I’ll hide it safely, else the aliens will take it back’, saying so, Lisa opened her cupboard and carefully placed it inside.



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