Ohh, I missed it


The transit of mercury occurs when the planet Mercury passes over the sun, that is, it passes in between the earth and sun. Thus the planet can been seen from earth as a tiny dot like silhouette moving across the face of the sun. These events are quite rare, occurring roughly 13-14 times in a century, mostly in May or November. The phenomenon was first observed in the year 1631.

It seems I was not fortunate enough this time. Although the facilities were available for viewing, I just couldn’t make it. Tired after a long journey the previous day, all I wanted was to hit the bed at the earliest. Now the next transit would be in 2019, but, unlike the recent one that was visible from most places on earth, would be visible only in South America and Africa. So that means I’ll have to wait till 2032, when there will be a transit visible from India. That’s a long way to go.


IBMC #07: The News and Paper Challenge




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