Diverse Thoughts

My diverse thoughts are driving me crazy. It was only yesterday that I was feeling so hopeless and depressed. But here I am writing about my thoughts with the hope of being noticed and accepted. My mind keeps wandering from being the predator to the prey. There are times when I feel immense sadness but without any incident to be attributed to. Quickly it gives way to a feeling that I don’t need to be depressed. It’s all part of the game. Now I feel stronger and bold. I shrug off all the despair and start afresh. You could say it was a new beginning had it been a one time affair or a if it was a gradual change. But not for my crazy mind, which needs only minutes, or even seconds, to go back to square one. Then I start over all again.

There was a time when my diverse thoughts were strangling me, trying to choke me to death. But those days have passed. My mind is still the wanderer it used to be, but I have come to terms with it. In fact I enjoy the diverse thoughts that my mind goes through. It has helped me be a better person. Now I just love my crazy mind because that’s what makes me write, makes me enjoy the little joys of life, find beauty in disorder and a lot more.



4 thoughts on “Diverse Thoughts

  1. What you had in your mind, how you struggled with the rapid changes in your thoughts from one to another, I just hope it makes you feel a bit better you are not alone in the battle. And thank you for the second paragraph to let others know what good might come out of those thoughts. 🙂

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