Watching the Sunset

IBMC #06: The Mass Media Challenge



As I stood facing the sea, in front of this new house, I tried to remember my childhood. This was were I was born, they said. Or at least, this was the place from where I was adopted, when I was three months old. I stood watching the sun go down slowly. I could see an island, and a boat nearby, perhaps taking people to some unknown location, like they took me. The sky was turning red. Red was the colour of love. Was the sky showing its affection towards me for being back here after over twenty long years. If the sky loved me so much, why is it that my real parents couldn’t, that they put me up for adoption. Of course, I have had a great life, thanks to my adopted mom and dad, but I could never get over the disappointment that I was rejected by my real parents. Here I was in search of the very people who left me to destiny. What did they look like, dark, fair, tall, short, I wonder!

No, I was not angry with them, but I wanted to see the people who brought me into this world, at least once. But what if… I tried to push away negative thoughts, but it was overpowering. What if they were no more, I shuddered. Would that be the reason I was adopted? If so, they must be watching me from above, their hearts filled with love and joy. That could be how the sky turned red. The ghosts of my parents, with their unfufilled dreams of bringing up their daughter, must be wandering about here. ‘Please take me with you’, I found myself pleading.

Suddenly the telephone rang, it woke me up from my dreams. I rushed inside to answer the call. ‘Is everything alright madam? Are you comfortable in your new house?’, it was Alibhai at the other end, who had arranged my stay over here.





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