Chaotic life

Chaos is what makes life worth living. I don’t mean a chaotic disturbance like war or anarchy, but in moderate amounts chaos is the very essence of life. Let’s say you live as per a strictly followed schedule. Wouldn’t that be next to not living at all. The unpredictability of the next moment is what keeps us going, hoping for the best, but prepared for the worst. I guess it’s always a little bit of chaos that brings happiness into one’s life. The best example would be the birth of a child in a family. Imagine that amount of chaos that a toddler would create. But that’s the beauty of it and you’ll end cherishing every moment.

Scientifically speaking, there is even a vast area of study called the chaos theory, popularly known as the ‘Butterfly effect’. A beautiful name for a beautiful phenomenon. Be it the nature, weather or your life you can always find the excitement of chaos. The more you try to comprehend it, the more intricate it becomes. So let a little bit of chaos into your lives and see the magic it creates. 🙂


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