The Story of Beach

It was their first wedding anniversary. She was supposed to feel happy, she thought. But however hard she tried, all that she felt was indifference to all the happenings around her. She stared past the sea as she sat on the beach. This beach was her constant companion. It was the only friend she could trust, who would never betray her. As the sea touched her feet for the umpteenth time, she was reminded of her teenage days that she spent on the beach all alone. It was her mom who instilled in her a love for the beach and the sea. They had their first romantic date along the beachside. That was the reason behind naming their only daughter as Beach.

Beach grew up with the sea by her side. She had no friends to share her feelings, but the sea had always been a patient listener to her crazy mind. It was here that she could speak without fear of being judged. She thought of her so called friends in her early childhood. Where where they now? She didn’t know, neither did she want to know, as she was sure their news would only make her more depressed. How good they were not to care about her, she sighed.

Suddenly she was reminded of the day’s importance. It’s been one year since she started out on her new journey with James. He was a nice guy, or still the best any girl could get. Still the spark was missing in her life, she felt. He never understood her feelings, nor was she ready to open up, for fear of being judged. She knew that communication was the key to any successful relationship, but couldn’t, however hard she tried. It was all over, she thought and started to sob. It was almost a month since James even smiled at her. Still, deep inside her heart she hoped he would wish her today. But today morning was worse, he didn’t even wait for her to wake up before leaving for work.

Dusk was just setting in. She didn’t want to return home tonight. There was nothing more to expect. Here was her only friend in the world with whom she could spend a lifetime, the sea. She closed her eyes and sank her face into her hands. She had no idea how long she had been sitting like that when she heard someone call out her name, ‘Beach..’. It was a familiar voice. She raised her head and turned back. It was James but he looked worried. ‘ I had been searching for you for the past two hours!’, he said. Beach didn’t reply. She just looked down. ‘But never mind’, he continued with a smile. ‘I have something for you’, saying so he brought forward the bouquet of roses he had been hiding behind him. ‘Happy anniversary, darling. Now please smile’. He handed her the flowers. And yes, there was the beautiful smile on her lips. 🙂



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