My Raison D’être

Writing gives me a sense of belonging. I’ve always wondered why I did not fit in anywhere. I feel completely out of place in large groups. I have had great difficulty socializing and I still ponder over how my friends talk so easily. Well, writing is my answer to all of  them. Call me a nerd, bookworm, introvert, or anything you wish, but I’m proud to say that writing is my passion.

Writing lifts my mood. It takes me to places I’ve never been. This is how I express my feelings. The world of letters is where I belong. I have always disliked being in the limelight. My blog is an expression of my inner self. All that matters here is what I write, not what I am. I am the boss here and no one can ask me to stop.

After all I am what my blog is. This is my voice and life. 🙂

Raison D’être


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