God’s Own Country

IBMC #02: Freeze a Foto Challenge


The very sight of a coconut tree takes me back to my hometown. A whole lot of memories come rushing to my head. I could just recount innumerable tales with the tree in the backdrop. Being from Kerala, India, the coconut is a part and parcel of my everyday life, though I miss the good old days now. It was in the backdrop of these images that I grew up from a toddler into the confident lady that I am now. There used to be vast areas of coconut plantation, and to share a walk through those was the best way to connect with a person. I still remember the long walks with my sister, in our teenage days, when we would share all the girlish gossips, comment on our recent crushes, complain about our parents being strict, and a lot more. Those were the best times in life 🙂



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