The Droplets


I wish the monsoon arrives soon enough. It has been an extreme summer season. What a relief would that be from this scorching heat. The mercury is soaring.

I just love the rains for the ambience it creates. The earthy smell of air after a rain is refreshing. Even the sound of rain gives me immense joy. The sound of rain on sand, the sound of rain on water, the sound of rain on rooftops, and a lot more. It’s the great orchestra by nature. And yes, you can even cry out loud in a heavy rain, no one hears your sobs. What a blessing from God above.

Each rain brings with it a shower of memories. The most prominent being the first days of each year at school and college. The very mention of school days brings a smile on my lips. The first day of each year was eagerly awaited after two months of summer holidays, much like the wait for the monsoon showers. New books, new bags, new clothes and waiting to make new friends. At the same time waiting to meet my old friends, tell them all the stories of summer, the trips we went, the food we had, the games we played, and of course to hear their stories too. A loud spectator to all this excitement was the monsoon rain. It was funny the way we had to shout out loud so that our friends could hear our voice over the sound of the rains.

I have grown up along with each monsoon season and my association with the rains continued to my college days. The disturbed adolescent in me found solace in the rains. Getting drenched in rain was quite common and in fact loved the feel. Sitting in the classroom, under the fan, with wet clothes and shivering is a cherished memory. The numerous crazy adventures that I undertook with my friends include walking in a group of three under a single umbrella in heavy rains, and all of us getting equally drenched. No monsoon season was complete without a bout of viral fever and medications,

Those blissful days have passed. Fate has changed the path of life many a times. But every monsoon is still a memory to cherish.

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