The Abandoned House

Icehouse 1

It used to be a beautiful home. I mean ‘home’, and not just a house. An elderly childless couple lived there for years. The term childless is only technical in nature. Although they were not lucky enough to be biological parents, the place was home to many children. The couple had everything in life. The husband used to be a successful businessman, and the wife was a perfect homemaker. She was the one responsible for the beauty of the place. They had met each other in their early twenties, and it was love at first sight. This was their first and last home together. It is true that God does not give all the happiness to a person. It is as if you can never have everything in life, there will be something amiss somewhere. God wants you to experience sadness too in life. For them, it was their longing to have a child. When they realized that God’s plans were different and that fate would not let them be mom and dad, they made their life changing decision. They felt that God did not give them an offspring because He wanted many more children to be benefited by them. They decided to adopt a child.

That was just the beginning. Slowly they started caring for more and more homeless children. She was now a mother to many children, not just one that she longed for. He worked hard to earn for the children. It was a pleasure seeing the kids grow up to be independent adults. They were one big family. The house was overflowing with joy and happiness.Festivals and birthdays used to be occasions of get together. They all made it a point to be together at least once a year. The couple decided to continue their endeavour till their very last breath.

But fate was again cruel to them. One morning, all of a sudden, the husband fell ill and was bedridden. But the wife was strong enough and did not let this affect the family. She gave the best care for her husband. But alas, one day morning she came with tea for her husband, and all she could find was his lifeless body. She was heartbroken. He had promised never to leave her alone till her last breath, and this was more than she could take. She collapsed down near her husband and never woke up.

Ever since that day, no one has touched anything in the house, none tried to change anything there. Not out of fear, not out of disgust, but because none could make the house as beautiful as it once was. It was her miracle touch that turned the building into a heaven. Now that she was no more, none dared to modify the place, lest they destroy the the elegance it still has. Even in its present abandoned state, it stands out as a palace, with all its glory intact.

P.S. : This is purely a work of fiction, written for the daily prompt Abandoned. I am a beginner here. If you like my work please do support by giving your comments and suggestions 🙂



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