Music – Daily prompt

I am no big fan of music. People may call me weird, because, unlike the vast majority out there who go head over heals over some or the other form of music, I am just neutral to music. Oh, but don’t think I dislike listening to music or that it has no importance in my life. The difference is that I listen to music for certain specific reasons. The first and foremost reason is when I am disturbed. People say music helps you relax, although I don’t how far it’s true for me. To me, music makes me stop thinking, stop brooding over those matters that’s making me depressed. I put on the headsets, turn up the volume to a bit more that I can tolerate, so that all I think of is the banging in my head due to the music. It sounds quite odd, I know, but trust me it works. Again the same technique if I’m unable to sleep at night. I listen to loud music until the sound makes me tired that I finally doze off. Sounds funny right?

The majority of music in my life is not chosen by me, but still it plays a very important role in my life. You could call it the background score of my life, chosen by destiny. Music brings back memories, both sweet and bitter. There might be some specific  song that I used to hear during a particular phase of my life. Every time I hear the song again, it takes me back to those times. I experience the same feelings, the same pain or joy as the case may be, although it’s in no way related to the present. There are songs that even remind me of very specific incidents in  my life. And that’s a wonderful experience you can get.

Life is music, enjoy it 🙂




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